Being goofy with my niece at the park...
Being goofy with my niece at the park...

About Abby

Well, first of all, I cannot wait to be a mother! I am a university professor in the area of Health and Exercise Science, and a big part of my job, besides teaching, is doing research. When we lived in Texas a few years ago, I began my research on the causes of complications (like high blood pressure) during pregnancy. I got to work with lots of pregnant women and meet their babies afterwards, and I definitely developed “baby-fever” during this time!

Follow-up visit with one of our moms and her healthy baby boy!

I have never been one to want to be the center-of-attention; rather, I am quiet and prefer spending time with people one-on-one or in small groups. I am a great listener, analytical and logical, easy-going, empathetic, and kind. I love my family dearly and always look forward to the next opportunity to spend time together (fortunately, Jonathon and I are able to both work and play together!).

Exploring our Hungarian roots... dinner with family in Budapest

I enjoy being outdoors whenever possible, and I am excited to include children in the adventures Jonathon and I regularly go on. I have been a distance runner since middle-school, and I plan on taking our baby on many peaceful runs in the baby jogger (stroller) alongside the river near our home. Besides outdoor activities, my favorite pastime is reading; there will be lots and lots of books and stories in our child’s future!

Camping trip with friends


Movie: The Grand Budapest Hotel. And I can't resist watching The Proposal every time it's on television....

Book: Harry Potter series

TV Show: Bachelor/ette

Music(ian): Sufjan Stevens; Bluegrass

Actor: Colin Firth, Ryan Reynolds

Actress: Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams

Food: This question is too hard. I love so many foods, but if I had to narrow it can’t go wrong with curries, pizza, burgers, tamales, popcorn, or Sour Patch Kids!

Fruit: Raspberries

Vegetable: Corn-on-the-cob

Ice Cream Flavor: Mint chocolate chip

Color: Purple

Game: Cornhole (outdoors), Apples to Apples (board game)

Sport: Running

Sports Team: Indianapolis Colts (NFL)

Activities: Trail running, hiking, kayaking, taking road trips to small towns, reading, cooking, trying new restaurants, gardening, DIY home projects

Person: Jonathon, of course!