We love our mountain home...and so do our pets!
We love our mountain home...and so do our pets!

Our Home

After years of moving and renting places during our college and post-grad life, we were so happy to finally be able to put down roots in North Carolina. We purchased our home, which is too large for just the two of us, because...

  1. We want to grow our family!
  2. We want our extended family to be able to visit and stay for a while.
  3. The home is on a beautiful six-acre plot in the mountains, with plenty of privacy, room to roam, proximity to hiking and river activities, and space for a big garden.

Life at the Homestead

Sunny view

Captured a rainbow pic from the back deck.





Our community has a super-unique July 4th parade, where all kids and adults are welcome to participate! Costumes and giant puppets are provided 🙂

Foggy View

The views from our back deck are pretty no matter the weather!




Tree down!

We lost some trees in a big storm last summer. Fortunately, we have great neighbors who help take care of us!


The park down the street has a playground and river access. The community is packed with families and tourists during the summer months, bicycling the scenic roads and floating down river in tubes.


Starting to see some veggies popping up in the garden. This is Abby's first year gardening…planted herbs, asparagus, potatoes, cucumbers, celery, carrots, onions, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, and radishes…hoping they’ll all actually grow!)